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A Bundle of Sweeney! and Sweeney 2 DVDs up for grabs

Network's THE BRITISH FILM label of Blu-rays and DVDs has been a notable and thriving success, featuring over 400 films from the silent era through to the 1980s, including classics such as The...

British Comedies

Your chance to own A Bundle of Network’s British Comedies DVDs

Network Distributing are getting 2019 off to a rib-tickling bang with releases of their British Comedies . Following a bumper-chuckling 2018 that saw such long-awaited releases of comedy gold...

Crucible of the Vampire

Crucible of the Vampire Dual Format (DVD & Blu-ray) up for grabs

Making its World Premiere at Cannes Film Festival and garnering rave reviews at other major festivals, Iain Ross-McNamee’s gothic chiller Crucible of the Vampire is set to arrives in dual format...

The Children Act

The Children Act DVDs up for grabs

The Children Act sees Fiona Maye ( Emma Thompson ), a renowned judge in the Family Division of the High Court, making daily decisions about complex family issues. Fiona’s workload is heavy, and...

Purple Reggae

Radio Riddler’s ‘Purple Raggae’ CDs up for grabs

Radio Riddler’s ‘Purple Reggae’ - an all-star tribute to Prince's most iconic work

Radio Riddler’s ‘ Purple Reggae ’ , a loving tribute to a pop genius in their own unique style that's...

Golden Years

Golden Years Grand Theft OAP DVDs up for grabs

A Hilarious British Heist Thriller

GOLDEN YEARS Grand Theft OAP features an all-star cast of some of the UK’s most established and respected actors from stage, screen and television...

Delicious Season Three

Delicious (Series Three) DVDs up for grabs

Following the huge popularity of the first two series’ Sky One serves up a third helping of Delicious, one of its most successful series ever, bringing the perfect pairing of Dawn French and...

Start-Up Wise Book

Your chance to have a copy of Start-up Wise by Legend Business.

There is much to consider when starting a business. Knowing what to do first, whether you have a concept that works for you, what resources to access and how to get started can be overwhelming and...

The Justice Game Bundle

A Bundle of ‘The Justice Game’ & ‘Love on a Branch Line’ DVDs up for grab

The 1990s BBC TV Classics

The Justice Game

After a successful career break in America, Rossi returns to his Glasgow roots. As he investigates the fatal stabbing of an elderly man...

Channel Zero & Rings

A Bundle of ‘Channel Zero: Season One Candle Cove’ & ‘RING’ DVDs up for grab


Channel Zero: Season One Candle Cove

Inspired by a Creepypasta blog post by Kris Staub , Syfy’s spine-chilling six-part anthology series was created by Nick Antosca...