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La Ronde Blu-rays up for grabs

La Ronde Blu-rays up for grabs

Praised by directors, critics and cinephiles alike, master of cinema Max Ophuls’ masterpiece La Ronde (1950) is set for a stunningly remastered release in high-definition from Bluebell Films on Blu-ray and DVD on 27 May 2019.

Winning the BAFTA Best Film award and earning double Oscar®nominations La Ronde’s scene-setting opening has been described as ‘one of the marvels of cinema’ (The Observer) and has garnered huge acclaim across the globe.

This magnum opus, based on Arthur Schnitzler's (Eyes Wide Shut) renowned play, is set in 1900s Vienna, and presents an amazing series of interconnected romantic entanglements, a merry-go-round of life and love.

Anton Walbrook (The Red Shoes) guides us through the chain of amorous encounters as the enigmatic, omnipotent master of ceremonies. One fleeting moment links to the next, partners change and the dance goes on, turning with the elegance of a Viennese waltz, until the story is brought full circle in the final vignette.

With its breathtaking use of long takes and beautiful fluid camera moves Max Ophuls (Letter from an Unknown Woman, Lola Montes) directs with stunning style and élan to create an astounding cinematic masterwork.

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