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Take the itch and scratch out of mozzie bites with Zap-It!

Zap-It! Mosquito bite soother

Scientific study confirms effectiveness of Zap-It! on mosquito bites. has five mossie bite soothing kits to give away so whether you’re back-packing through South America, honeymooning in Asia or barbecuing in your back garden - make sure you’re armed with Zap-It!   

Scratching a mosquito bite may bring short-lived relief but it also floods the bitten area with histamine causing swelling, incessant urges to scratch and a risk of damaging the skin’s surface, and therefore infection.

A safe, clinically tested way to deal with pesky mozzie and other insect bites is to use Zap-It! - a small but effective piezo (meaning to squeeze or press) device that generates a harmless and mild (no stronger than a gentle pinch) low electrical impulse created by crystals (this same technology is commonly used in clocks, lighters and guitar pickups) to deliver harmless little ‘zaps’ which stops the itching and urge to scratch in minutes.

Recently released results of a clinical study carried out at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine by Dr Nigel Hill, the UK’s foremost specialist on biting insects, confirms the therapeutic benefits of Zap-It! on mosquito bites by reducing histamine flow, and therefore the itch, whilst stimulating the capillaries into flushing out the toxins.

Zap-It! can be used by everyone as and when required except epileptics, those fitted with a pacemaker and children under 4. Do not use directly after applying repellent. Each ‘zapper’ provides over 10,000 clicks - enough for a lifetime of bites!

Zap-It! is available in different colours from selected health stores, pharmacies, garden centres and all Asda holiday shops, and retails at £5.95. Also online at

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