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To win 1 of 5 signed copies of new relationships mystery novel, Pivotal, by Nikki Vallance

To win 1 of 5 signed copies of new relationships mystery novel, Pivotal, by Nikki Vallance

Dulcie Braybrooke is breaking through as a celebrated ceramicist.

Elizabeth is a lonely City head-hunter.

Annie is a teacher who’s lost her verve.

Liza is a lap dancer with a strong will and a tough life.

When a mysterious bequest throws each of the four into chaos, they seek support in the guise of hypnotherapist, Dr Kath O’Hannon. Through a process of self-discovery, their new-found knowledge weighs heavily, as they unpick four decades of life choices. They could accept the windfall, yet if they do, something entirely unexpected lies around the corner…

Pivotal’ is a relationship mystery, which portrays the impact of a shared life-changing dilemma on four seemingly unconnected lives. It follows a cast of strong women in their forties whose lives are disrupted by an extraordinary event, and explores the common experiences and dilemmas of ordinary women, who might be questioning the paths they have chosen. A book with many twists and turns, it is a mystery within a mystery.

A story with relatable characters that prompts the reader to consider the decisions we make in life, the paths we take, and what could happen with even just the slightest change of direction? Is it self-determination or destiny? How many doors does one person open in a lifetime? When you pass through a door, does your life change forever? Or, do you have power over who you become through the choices you make?

Pivotal by Nikki Vallance, published by Hashtag Press, in October 2019, is available in all good bookshops and online in paperback (£7.99) and ebook (£3.99)

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