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Win A Bundle of Excilor® Pen and Solution

Excilor® Pen and Solution

Treat Fungal Nail Infections Fast & Effectively with Excilor®!

Excilor® Treatment for Fungal Nail Infection is one of the leading products on the market for successfully treating fungal nail infections safe and effectively. An astonishing 25% of the population are plagued with fungal infections, yet a large number of people are still unable to identify the problem or do not use effective products, meaning infections often re-occur. Excilor® is available in two easy applicators, the Pen and the Solution. It takes just one minute to apply and unlike other treatments requires no filing down of the nail, and results are visible as soon as the nail starts to grow back.

What is nail fungus and where is it hiding?

The technical term for a fungal infection of the nail is Onychomycosis, and usually starts at the rim of the nail which will eventually turns whitish-yellow. The fungus then grows into the nail, causing the nail plate to thicken, become brittle and may separate from the nail bed which can be extremely painful. Nail fungus is problematic because it resides inside the nail and if not treated properly can result in the complete loss of the nail!

How does Excilor® work?

Excilor®’s unique TransActive Technology is clinically proven to deeply penetrate the nail bed within minutes, the technology uses Acetic Acid which rapidly reduces the nail’s pH and in return changes the nail’s environment making it more hostile for fungi to grow. Excilor® is also enriched with nail lipids and biotine for supportive nail care during treatment, helping to rebuild damaged nail structure which also provides a long lasting barrier against future fungal infections.  

Excilor® Pen RRP £22.99            

Excilor Solution® RRP £19.99

Available from Boots, Superdrug, Lloyds Pharmacy, Amazon and leading Pharmacies 

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Sunday, 3 January 2016 - 11:59pm

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We have 5 Bundles of Excilor® Pen and Solution to give away; to enter just answer the question below:-


Nicole Farao, Joanne Greer, Mark Bascombe, Yasuhiro Shimanuki and Luisa Lauren

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