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Win A Bundle of Six Classic Films from the Universal Pictures/Hollywood Classics DVDs

Six Classic Films from the Universal Pictures/Hollywood Classics DVDs

Simply Media is delighted to announce the release of six classic films from the Universal Pictures/Hollywood Classics stable starring screen legends Tony Curtis, Debbie Reynolds and Spencer Tracy. The Purple Mask, Sign of the Pagan, Song of Scheherazade, They Might Be Giants, This Happy Feeling and Sky Devils come to DVD for the very first time in the UK on 8 August 2016.

In Napoleonic France, the dandyish Count Rene de Traviere, played by award-winning actor Tony Curtis (Some Like it Hot) is roped into a capture plot to provoke the release of a fellow Royalist. Little do they know he is the man behind the purple mask, an anonymous swordsman rescuing noblemen from the chop. The Purple Mask (1955) is a rollicking tale that also features Murder She Wrote’s Angela Lansbury.

Oscarã winning star Jack Palance (City Slickers) is his swaggering best as Attila the Hun in Sign of the Pagan (1954). Attila unexpectedly finds his match in Roman Centurion Marcian (Jeff ChandlerBroken Arrow), who escapes Attila’s capture – only for the two to meet again when they fall for the same woman. Schemes and betrayals abound in an opulent historical epic written by Oscar Brodney (Harvey).

While working as a naval cadet in 1865, the young Russian composer Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov falls for Spanish exotic dancer Scheherazade, played by Hollywood icon Yvonne De Carlo (The Ten Commandments), inspiring his greatest work. Helmed by renowned director Walter Reisch (Gaslight), fact and fiction combine in Song of Scheherazade (1947) to make a wonderful romantic drama.

In a BAFTA-nominated performance, George Scott (Broken Arrow) stars in They Might Be Giants (1971) as a recently-widowed judge who, in his grief, loses touch with reality. Believing himself to be Sherlock Holmes, his family send him to be assessed by psychiatrist Mildred Watson (Joanne Woodward The Three Faces of Eve). But she herself becomes engrossed in his delusions, becoming his very own Dr. Watson in this playful romantic mystery directed by Anthony Harvey (Dr. Strangelove).

This Happy Feeling (1958) stars screen legend Debbie Reynolds (Singin’ in the Rain) as the irresistible Janet Blake, a woman juggling the attentions of two very different men. Smitten up-and-coming actor Bill (John SaxonThe Godfather) is up against Janet’s boss Mitch, played by Curd Jürgens (The Inn of Sixth Happiness), a former actor bitter about his younger rivals on the stage. John Saxon won a Golden Globe for Most Promising Male Newcomer for his performance in this whimsical comedy about love and life.

Two-time Oscarã winner Spencer Tracy (Judgement at Nuremberg) stars in this raucous WWI comedy caper produced by the legendary Howard Hughes (Scarface) and directed by A. Edward Sutherland (Laurel and Hardy’s The Flying Deuces). Sky Devils (1932) follows the adventures of workshy airman Wilkie (Tracy) and his sidekick as they dodge strict sergeants and distracting damsels to become accidental war heroes. 

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