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Win A Bundle of three action-packed Hollywood Classics/Universal Westerns on DVD

Black Horse Canyon, Calamity Jane & Sam Bass, Cattle Drive on DVD

Three action-packed Hollywood Classics/Universal Pictures Westerns, Black Horse Canyon, Calamity Jane & Sam Bass and Cattle Drive come to DVD on 18 April 2016 for the very first time in the UK, courtesy of Simply Media.

Black Horse Canyon (1954)
‘Fitfully Entertaining’   Radio Times
A beautifully shot Western based on Lee Savage’s novel The Wild Horse. Joel McCrea (Foreign Correspondent) stars as novice rancher Del Rockwell, who goes in pursuit of a magnificent wild black stallion hoping to use it for stud purposes, but rival landowners Jennings (Murvyn VyeRoad to Bali) and Aldis Spain (Mari Blanchard - McLintock) have other ideas and want the horse for their own ranches. Directed by Jesse Hibbs (Perry Mason), this exciting saga comes to a thrilling climax and stars award-winning wild stallion, Outlaw.

Calamity Jane & Sam Bass
‘As purty as Western scenery can be and the chases on horseback are dashing’     New York Times
Drifter Sam Bass (Howard DuffKramer vs. Kramer) shows up in Denton, Texas and soon attracts the attention of shopkeeper Katherine Egan (Dorothy HartThe Naked City) and Calamity Jane (Yvonne De Carlo - The Ten Commandments), an infamous wild frontierswoman. The town is gearing up for a big-money horse race – and Sam wants to cash in on the action. He gets lucky with a star horse, and quickly rakes in the dollars. But his seemingly good luck with horses and women soon leads him to disaster, will he turn to crime for a way out? Filmed in Utah, Calamity Jane & Sam Bass (1949) is directed and written by George Sherman (Big Jake), winner of Western Heritage Award (1962) and the Golden Boot Award (1988).

Cattle Drive
Shot in Death Valley, California and Paria, Utah, Cattle Drive is an atmospheric coming-of-age adventure story from 1951, directed by Kurt Neumann (The Fly) and starring Joel McCrea in the lead role, alongside Chill Wills (Giant). Chester Graham Jr. (Dean Stockwell – Quantum Leap), the spoilt teenage son of a wealthy railroad owner manages to get himself lost in the middle of nowhere. He is found by Dan Mathews (McCrea) a cattle herder on his way to San Diego. As they head toward civilisation together, the youngster is forced to knuckle down and accept the fatherly guidance of Mathews, who teaches him the value of hard work and upstanding behaviour.

Already available from Simply Media is another compelling, action-packed Western from 1968. A Man Called Gannon follows a seasoned cowboy who takes a young tender-foot under his wing. 

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