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Win a Dremel’s Micro (worth RRP £110 each including VAT)

Dremel's new Micro cordless lithium-ion multi-tool

Combining the needs of light DIY'ers, hobbyists and crafters alike, Dremel's new Micro, which comes to the market this September, is its most compact cordless lithium-ion multi-tool ever launched.  

Perfect for cleaning, cutting, grinding, polishing, sanding, sharpening, carving and engraving, and weighing a mere 250 grams, the Dremel Micro has a truly sleek rocket-shaped design and excels at extremely detailed work or work in confined spaces.   

The key to the Micro's performance is combining its compact, highly efficient DC motor, that is powerful enough to cut, together with the latest 7.2 volt battery using lithium-ion cells which are 43% lighter and smaller than regular-sized cells, an LED light to illuminate the work area, an LED to indicate the operating speed (5,000 to 25,000 RPM) and the battery fuel gauge, plus, 35 Dremel accessories including EZ SpeedClic, packed into a smart black nylon-covered case.  Thanks to its bespoke docking station charger, this tool is always fired up and ready to go.

dremel-micro-space-promotion.jpg(And to emphasise its high-tech credentials, Dremel is supporting its Micro launch with a Win a Trip into Space promotion offering one lucky winner the opportunity to fly in a Lynx Mark II, one of only two spaceships currently allowing consumer space flights, to a height of over 100 km from the Earth! The winner will be one of only 500 people around the world who have been into space at a distance of 100 km.  With commercial flights due to commence in 2015, Dremel will be one of the first brands to link to SXC. An astronaut certificate will be awarded to the winner on their return.) 
Note: Dremel Micro’s A Trip into Space Promotion is not in conjunction with this competition. It will be launched online at and in DIY stores with dedicated Point of Sale.

Back on Earth, the Dremel Micro is particularly suited to effective wood cleaning, polishing up old metal, cutting off nails and screws, re-slotting screws, making precise cuts in plastic, cutting off thinner pieces of wood, controlled sanding to a high-quality finish, drilling into wood and plastics, finishing etching and carving in wood, engraving glass, small scale material removal, limited grinding in tight spaces, sharpening cutlery and blades, and putting the final finish to arts and crafts.  With its narrow handle and soft grip, the Micro sits comfortably in the hand.  Holding it like a pencil, users can undertake time-consuming and detailed projects with ease.  The speed of rotation is regulated intuitively by pushing the speed dial buttons.  Priced at £110 inc VAT, it will retail through, and as well as DIY stores from 1 September 2014.

Competition closing date

Sunday, 2 November 2014 - 11:59pm

Competition prize

To be in with a chance of winning the Dremel Micro; simply answer the following question:-


Arthur Meardon and Danielle Cross

Terms and conditions

Competition open to UK residents only and delivery is included. This Competition is not run in conjunction with the Dremel Micro’s A Trip to Space Promotion. 

This competition is now closed. Congratulations to all our winners!

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