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Win a set of seven Classic Features from the Universal Pictures/Hollywood Classics on DVD

Seven Classic Features from the Universal Pictures/Hollywood Classics on DVD

Starring Hollywood legends Rock Hudson, Rory Calhoun and Walter Brennan, seven classic features from the Universal Pictures/Hollywood Classics stable come to DVD for the very first time in the UK. Chief Crazy Horse, College Swing, Corvette K-255, Dawn at Socorro, Dear Ruth, The Desert Hawk and Four Guns To The Border are all released on 9 May 2016 courtesy of Simply Media.

Starring Victor Mature (My Darling Clementine) alongside Ray Danton (The Longest Day), David Janssen (The Fugitive) and Dennis Weaver (Gunsmoke), Chief Crazy Horse (1955) is a fictionalised biographical Western of the famous Lakota Sioux war chief, told entirely from the native viewpoint.

Musical comedy, College Swing (1938), starring George Burns and Gracie Allen (The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show), tells the story of Gracie Alden, who has failed to graduate for the ninth year in a row, but in order to receive her Grandfather’s inheritance she must finish college.

Oscar© nominated Corvette K-255 is a wartime drama from 1943 starring Randolph Scott (Ride the High Country) as a heroic Canadian naval commander whose ship tried to protect Atlantic convoys during WWII. Also starring Barry Fitzgerald (The Quiet Man) and James Brown (Dallas).

In this classic Western, Dawn At Socorro (1954), Gunfighter Brett Wade (Rory CalhounThe Texan) is diagnosed with tuberculosis and tries to escape his former life, while helping a young woman (Piper LaurieTwin Peaks). Directed by George Sherman (Big Jake).

Dear Ruth (1947) is a romantic comedy film based on the Broadway play of the same name. Teenager Miriam (Mona FreemanThe Heiress) has a soldier for a pen pal, but uses her older sister Ruth’s (Joan CaulfieldThe Unsuspected) name and photograph. When he shows up on his two-day leave, there are unexpected results.

Rock Hudson (Giant), Richard Greene (The Hound of the Baskervilles) and Yvonne De Carlo (The Ten Commandments) star in this epic fantasy adventure The Desert Hawk (1950). To prevent Princess Scheherazade from marrying the tyrannical Prince Murad, mysterious hero Omar disguises himself and marries her.

Having robbed a bank, Ray Cully (Rory Calhoun) and his gang head for the Mexican border, but complications ensue when they rescue a former associate, Simon Bhumer (Walter BrennanThe Real McCoys) and his beautiful daughter from the Apache in this classic Golden Globe winning Western, Four Guns To The Border (1954).

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