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Win a signed copy of the new RHYS Williams Album

RHYS Williams Album

Rhys Williams is a home-grown singer/songwriter whose musical craftsmanship exudes class and emotion. His debut album Great Falls garnered enviable critical acclaim; now he’s back with a follow up, ‘We Are Climbing Angel Mountain’; alongside his compelling new single ‘Lightning’. Released simultaneously on 3 March 2017, the album is a timeless songbook of melodic artistry and deft lyrical craft, and it’s arguably Williams’ best work to date. To celebrate, we’re giving away 3 signed promo copies of his new album before it hits the shops.

Rhys Williams, born in Wales and based in London, has sung in the Royal Albert Hall, recorded at Abbey Road, and even once played the flute for Morrissey. He contributed a one-minute flute solo to the multi-platinum You Are The Quarry album. It was variously described as ‘striking’ by Radio 4 and ‘delightful’ by Q Magazine.

‘We Are Climbing Angel Mountain’ sees Williams at his most heartfelt. The album was born after he fell ill, stopped drinking, and lost his mother in a matter of months. He recalibrated himself and this album is the result. It’s warm, soulful and real – a truthful document of some raw experiences and emotions, shrink-wrapped into delicious slices of perfect pop.

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Sunday, 12 March 2017 - 11:59pm

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To win 1 of 3 signed promo copies of ‘We Are Climbing Angel Mountain’ album; simply answer the following question:


Scott Fallon, Kay Broomfield, Yvonne Sharpe, Scarlett Plimsoll, Rhiannon Alwen, Janet Empson, Heather Haigh, Joh Williams and James Baker

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