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Win Great Myths of Aging by Joan T. Erber and Leonore T. Szuchman

Great Myths of Aging by Joan T. Erber and Leonore T. Szuchman

Old people are a disagreeable bunch – grumpy, forgetful and set in their ways.  They can’t and won’t learn new things, hate technology, and the majority end up in nursing homes where they stay until they die.  Or that’s what just a few of the myths that surround getting old would have us believe…

In their new book, Great Myths of Aging, authors and psychologists, Joan T Erber and Leonore T. Szuchman, take a closer look at a whole range of generalisations and stereotypes associated with older people and, with a blend of humour and up-to-the-minute research, seek to dispel each and every one of them.  Including myths about the body, the mind, relationships and more, they explain where the misconceptions have originated and look at the unfortunate consequences that believing them can have on individuals and society as a whole.  Ultimately, they prove what most older people already know – that aging is not so bad after all!

Great Myths of Ageing – Joan T. Erber & Leonore T. Szuchman -978-1-118-52147-2 – paperback- £14.99

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