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Laurel & Hardy

If you’re looking for a puzzle that will test your perseverance and resilience until the last piece is finally inserted, then look no further than the Laurel and Hardy 1000 Piece Puzzle.

Laurel and Hardy are loved the world over and are best known for their slapstick comedy. Becoming more well-known in the late 1920s, they appeared in more than 100 films together, which are still played on TV in hundreds of countries.

The Laurel and Hardy puzzle feature one of the most iconic images of the comedy duo – the pair trying to overcome their own puzzle dilemma. The image is taken from the 1933 film Me and My Pal in which Laurel’s character gives Hardy’s character a puzzle as a wedding gift. The two get preoccupied with the puzzle, as do a group of others, making Laurel late for his own wedding, much to the dismay of the bride’s father.

The black and white image makes the puzzle a real challenge to complete.

Give it a go if you are up for the challenge.

Competition closing date

Sunday, 9 February 2020 - 12:00am

Competition prize

For your chance to win the Laurel and Hardy 1000 piece puzzle simply answer the question below:

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