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Win the fantastic amplicomms Communication Bundle (worth £250)

Amplicomms bundle

It’s Good to Talk … during Deaf Awareness Week (Monday 19-25 May 2014)!

To highlight Deaf Awareness Week this year, we are teaming up with amplicomms, a specialist manufacturer of products designed for people with hearing or sight loss, to give away a fantastic Communications Bundle.

In the UK one person in every six suffers some sort of hearing loss, causing exclusion from conversations. By simply adding some products to your home, can dramatically improve life for those with hearing loss, here are a few simple solutions:-

Amplified Domestic Telephones are suitable for those with or without hearing aids and are often used successfully by those who are registered profoundly deaf. The PowerTel 58 (pictured), a corded home phone, allows you to adjust the volume up to 100 times louder than normal phones with clear sound, big buttons and a large screen, making it easy to read.

Amplified Mobile Phones that are easy to use can be a life changer, with super loud ringer volume, amplified calls and a powerful vibrating alert like the amplicomms M7000. With Bluetooth, it will connect to a hearing aid fitted with the same feature or neck loops for hands free calls, it will also send text messages.

TV Listeners mean that volume levels on TV’s, Radio’s and HiFi’s etc. can be amplified to your personal sound preferences, without disturbing everyone else!. The comfortable and lightweight wireless TV150 headset from amplicomms, is less prone to interference with Automatic Volume Control that eliminates sudden loud noises from commercials for example.

Alerting Devices

If you have difficulty hearing the doorbell, alarm clock, phone ringing, or your smoke alarm, you can get equipment that is extra loud, with flashing lights and/or vibrates to alert you, like the amplicomms Ring Flash 200 for example. The Ring Flash can also be used with a vibrating pad for use under your pillow.

We are giving away all the products mentioned above (worth £250) to one lucky winner. However, the latest range of amplicomms products are available from: (formerly RNID) Tel: 01733 361199 (textphone 01733 238020

Competition closing date

Monday, 16 June 2014 - 11:59pm

Competition prize

To win this fantastic Amplicomms bundles, answer the simple question below:


Roger Stanley

This competition is now closed. Congratulations to all our winners!

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