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Your chance to have a copy of Maharishi & Me by Susan Shumsky

Maharishi and Me

One woman’s profound journey from cult to empowerment – led by the Beatles’ famous spiritual guru

From Indian ashram to powerful cult

Maharishi & Me is a strikingly candid memoir of a young girl’s journey to an Indian ashram, where she immersed herself in a cult she would not choose to free herself from for over twenty years.

Behind the headlines: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Susan Shumsky exposes the fascinating, at times disturbing truth behind the Transcendental Meditation movement she became part of – one of the most famous spiritual movements of the twentieth century – and its leader, spiritual guru to the stars, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Bringing meditation to the West – and Beatles scandal to the East

Maharishi first set foot in America in 1959 – kick starting the spiritual revolution that brought meditation to the West. By 1968, the world’s press were at the gates of his Indian ashram, hunting the ultimate scoop on the Beatles’ spiritual adventure there.

Now, Susan Shumsky reveals the inside truth behind the sex scandals, drug smuggling and mental breakdowns that were reported in one of the most dramatic episodes in the Beatles’ history.

The book is bursting with incredible unknown insights – not least into how the ashram inspired The White Album – one of the 20th century’s most iconic albums (22nd Nov 2018 marks its 50th anniversary). In a moving, highly insightful way, the book depicts how it feels to enter yourself into a master-disciple relationship – the ecstasy and the dangers – as well as what eventually made her decide to break away from this.  

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