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Your chance to have a copy of The Candy Man by Jerry Bradley

Candy Man

Follow James Blake through his jaw-dropping life; from a six-year-old adoptee to a 30-something drug dealer, Triad gang leader and martial arts expert. Abandoned by his father and struggling to keep his deep-rooted anger under control, James develops a passion for boxing and martial arts. But he takes one too many wrong-turns, and his life with his adoptive family slips into a decline that sees him entering the underbelly of the criminal world

The Candy Man is a novel way to fundraise for Dementia UK in memory of the author’s wife who died in 2015 after a 12-year battle with dementia. They were married for 29 years. Jerry is making a voluntary donation to Dementia UK for each book sold.

At first, Jerry started writing because he was determined to have a log of his memories, his experiences, his thoughts and his life stories. If he ever became ill, like his wife, Jerry wanted to be able to read a book about his life, every day, to try to keep the memories alive. The Candy Man started, as most novels do, as a small idea that turned into a huge story. This is not a tale of romance or dementia, it’s a gritty, adult insight into a criminal world of drugs, addiction and gangs – something that still takes some of Jerry and his late wife, Irene’s, friends by surprise!

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Sunday, 16 June 2019 - 12:00am

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